Your presence is a blessing! Your existence is a gift!

Hello everyone,

My name is Wayne and I want to briefly introduce myself and talk about this blog. I was given the opportunity to experience Christ for the first time 5 years ago and since then I have had a passion for sharing his word and his goodness. Something I have noticed as I continued in my years as a Christian is that many Christians don’t seem to use the Bible as a frame of reference when making decisions or talking with people. Others, who love the scriptures, seem to struggle with its application for today. Hence! the creation of this blog. I want to encourage Christians to think and to think outside of the box. We are constantly challenged by those who do not identify as Christians to be “conscious” or “mindful” of the times. So, let’s take the challenge to think so that we can have a defense for the hope we have in Christ

~~ 1st Peter 3:15